We love this because it a great blend of technology and expertise. As drones have become more and more ubiquitous people have really started to push the limits of what they’re capable of. In this film the filmmaker has constructed a one shot sequence with a tiny drone that is capable of squeezing through some fairly small places. This coupled with some incredible flying skills has created a sequence that is full of surprises and ‘how did he do that?’ moments.

Some interesting tweaks have made this video what it is, firstly it is shot in reverse, partly to make the execution easier but also to keep the audience in the dark about what is yet to come, I like that. Remember also that drones don’t record sound so all of the sound you hear is designed in post production. It adds a great deal of character to the sequence.

It’s fairly probable that the pilot used FPV (first person view) goggles to fly as it’s generally more accurate and easier to navigate large areas. The media has also been stabilised in post production. One draw back of small drones is that they wobble a lot and some tools have been used to fix this. Beyond that however there isn’t any digital trickery, just a great idea and an impeccable execution.






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