Elevate Your Credibility:

Capture Genuine Video Testimonials that Convert Prospects to Customers

Telling your customers how great you are doesn’t cut it. They need to hear it from your customers.

Text based testimonials are good but video testimonials activate credibility, authenticity and professionalism.

92% of consumers will engage with a review for a product or service before buying.


We specialise in capturing articulate, concise and often emotive testimonials that will win the hearts and minds of potential customers.

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Some of the brands we’ve worked with

2 out of 3 people would be more likely to buy something after watching a testimonial video that demonstrates how the business and its product or service has helped someone like them.


Can’t I just create my own testimonial videos?

Sure, but here are four compelling reasons why we think it’s better to get the professionals in.

1. It’s not that easy to get good results when you’re face to face with a customer. Giving enthusiastic compliments can sometimes be hard. Either you feel awkward or they do. This can limit the effectiveness of the interview.

2. Interviewing is a skill, you need your testimonial to be succinct, focused and relevant. Sometimes that isn’t acheived in the edit suite it needs to be captured correctly in the interview. It’s not always as easy as just asking a few questions.

3. Quality is important. Webcams and mobile phones might be quick and easy but often the sound and picture quality is poor, and your brand suffers.

We’ll often also use the testimonials we’ve shot and embed them into one of our ‘business stories’ videos. For this to work properly they need to match the style and quality of the rest of the project.

4. Capturing testimonials can take time, time spent chasing the subject, time spent interview and reinterviewing if you get something wrong and time spent trying to figure out edit suites and production tools. Let us focus on that while you get on with what you’re good at.

We can help you capture testimonials across the UK and beyond. We are highly experienced in extracting honest heartfelt responses from customers.

We structure our testimonials with the audience in mind ensuring they are succinct and relevant.   

All of our testimonials are shot in 4k with pro mics.

All testimonials are delivered with the following:

  • Project management, we arrange the interview for you.
  • Full version video (2-4 mins),
  • 60 second cut for Reels and other socials channels
  • Transcription for use across text formats.
  • A thumbnail

Prices start from £695

To get started you can email us at:


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We work across a range of sectors but these are some that we have deeper experience with.

Professional Services

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