Testimonial video is vital when marketing your business. Honest testimonials from happy customers will deliver instant credibility to your business.

  • A great testimonial video should be as natural as possible, that means no scripting and no autocues. However a loose plan of what your subject is to say will give it some structure and flow and act as a reminder for them during the shoot.
  • We plan our testimonial videos around a common structure.  What position was the customer in before they discovered the business, how did the business help and what position are they in now.
  • It’s important to select the right customer for the production. They need to be articulate and comfortable in front of a camera, the best will show a real passion for what you do.


  • Picking the most outspoken customer to deliver your testimonial doesn’t always work. Sometimes a quieter more considered type can provide more depth.
  • As there is often no other footage to cut to in a testimonial video some video companies use a second camera at the side to provide an alternative view. However this cuts the line of site and interrupts the viewing experience. Instead use a second camera on the same line of site but positioned closer to the subject.
  • The most important component to a Testimonial is authenticity. Make sure your subject isn’t nervous or tired as this will affect the final outcome.

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