Stay Front of Mind with Social Video Content

Most businesses recognise that Social Media is an essential part of staying front of mind these days. But creating consistent content is a challenge.

Do you find yourself saying things like ‘I know I need to do it but I don’t have time’?

Or feeling like you post something and then 5 minutes later you feel like you need to post something else just to keep up?

Or hearing everyone talk about how video is the most important thing for social and trying to figure out what to say and how to find the time or resources to make it?

Our Social Video Packages are designed to help you overcome this challenge.

What’s included?

Creating video can be complicated. We’ve put together a simple package that delivers regular video at a sustainable price point.

Strategy Session

We’ll arrange a quarterly call or meeting with you to identify the type of content you need, the message and social media strategy.


We create 2 or 4 short social media videos for you every month. Each video will revolve around a single topic and location. For topic suggestions see below.


We’ll film the content on location or at your premises. We’ll schedule one shoot every three months so that your content is always fresh and relevant.

Captions & Titles

Social Video often benefits from captions and graphics titles to let viewers understand the message quickly or if their volume is down. We include this service for free.

Social Video Templates

Choose from one of our core templates

Text based videos

What you get

  • 20-80 secs
  • Bespoke background imagery
  • Text overlayed message

Ideal for: Promoting blog posts / special offers / knowledge sharing + top tips /


Location/Product Video 

What you get

  • 30-90 seconds
  • Bespoke imagery
  • Text title
  • Licensed music track

Ideal for: Hospitality spaces / products / menu items


People Led Video

What you get

  • 1-3 minutes
  • Interview or presentation
  • Text title

Ideal for: Authority content / staff profiles /  FAQ


Promo videos are great but they have two limitations. 


  • They use up most of your budget on one film, that only gives you one opportunity to appear in front of your audience.
  • They’re predominantly designed to sell and audiences tire of repeated sales messages.

Great social video needs to engage your audience by entertaining and educating them. It should cover a range of topics, focus around people and the passion that drives your business. It needs to tell stories and keep your audience coming back for more.

But most importantly it needs to be regular and consistent.

Here are some ideas for types of social video content across a range of sectors.

Hospitality & Food

  • Recipes
  • Menu Items
  • Staff Profiles
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Special Offers
  • Activities


  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Staff Profiles
  • Business stories
  • Product or Service outlines
  • Team building events
  • USP’s


  • Product Reviews
  • Behind the scenes
  • Staff Profiles
  • In Store events
  • Special Offers
  • On location demos
  • Speak to customers at multiple points in their buying journey

  • Start conversations across multiple social channels

  • Create niche messages for target audiences

  • Use video to create momentum

  • Stay consistent with your brand and messaging.

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