Delivering Video Content for a Complex EU Funded Environmental Project.

Project Details

23 seperate interviews

14 hours of media captured across 2 countries

Content prepared in two languages

9 individual films delivered

Project PACCo is a European funded project that was launched to address the impact of climate change on over developed estuaries.

The pilot projects took place in two locations, one in Devon and one on the north coast of France.

As a result of this there were multiple stakeholders. I worked predominantly with The Environment Agency and Clinton Devon Estates. Other stake holders included DEFRA and several French institutions.

My role was to help communicate all the various aspects of the project to different audiences. Over a two year period I created five unique pieces of content ranging from two minutes to nearly ten minutes in length.

As the project was partnered in France all the content produced required translations and subtitles so that it was suitable for both audiences. The audiences themselves also varied.


Public facing content

One of the biggest challenges of the project was helping the public understand the reasons behind the project.

The development of the coastal areas required some significant changes to the environmental landscape and public concern was high.

Helping to communicate why certain procedures were necessary through interviews with experts was a fundamental part of the video strategy.

“We are incredibly impressed with the high-quality work provided by BlinkBack, especially for such a time sensitive and complex international project.

David was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to ensure that our deadlines were met, that each bilingual video achieved a specific purpose and audience reach, and that all our partner’s needs were considered throughout the process.

We would absolutely recommend his services.”

Jasmine van der Eijk

Communications Office, DEFRA & The Environment Agency

Stakeholders content.

I also created content that informed the core stake holders and focused on more technical and procedural aspects of the project.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was fitting all of the aspects of the story into digestible time frames. These included:

  • The impact of the project on wildlife
  • The benefits of the project for local residents.
  • The ecological reasons for carrying out the project
  • How the project was funded and by whom.
  • The long term educational aspects of PACCo
  • The practical outcomes of the development
  • And the differences and similarities between the two sites.


The video’s were completed over a over 24 month period and all deadlines were made on time and within the agreed budget.


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