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Current Trends and Topics from the World of Video

A Guide to Social Media Video 2018

Video marketing on Social Media Back in 2015 we published an article that projected the rise of video marketing, citing social media channels as one reason for this tidal wave... and in 2018 video is still rising. Social media platforms have dominated the internet,...

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Research: The Key to Creative Success

These days most businesses cannot survive without employing some of the creative talents of web designers, photographers, video production companies, musicians, et al. In this multi media, data streaming world you’ve got to put yourself out there to be heard above the...

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B2B Video Content, Does it Work?

When you think of successful video content the most immediate examples that come to mind are often for B2C businesses. However there is a growing demand for video in the B2B marketplace and this upward trend is set to continue.

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Why Authenticity is Essential

Somewhere in your marketing budget you’ve unleashed funds, possibly a lot of funds, to someone who promised to make you look awesome. To polish your brand up “nice & shiny” and present it to the world as a professional best face forward. Did it work? Does it still...

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Digital Advertising.

If you’re still throwing money at print advertising then make sure you’re in the know with digital. Advertising budgets are precious and to get the most from your investment you need to make sure you are optimising your approach as much as possible. Here are seven reasons why digital advertising trumps print.

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3 Killer Ways to Use Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Advertising has come of age and thousands of small to vast businesses are using it to promote their products. But one of the most useful components to it is the ability to track who has landed on your web site and create a custom audience that you can then serve ads to.

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