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Mini Guide:  outsourcing video production

Our guide to sourcing and working with the right video company

Video Transcription

Making the Case


If you head up a marketing team or you deliver marketing services for your clients then it’s quite possible that at some point you’ll need to make the case for video as a part of that marketing mix.

In order to get CEO’s and senior team members on board you’re going to need to demonstrate the purpose and the value of using good quality video content. 

A decent video company is going to be able to help with this part of the process by supplying case studies and examples of successful work that are going to help you illustrate your case.

Return on Investment


Beyond that there are several factors which are useful to think about, here are three things that will help get the right people on board

  1. If it’s made well video can often have a good shelf life of up to 3 years. Some of our clients have run paid seasonal campaigns for three years in a row with the same piece of content. Or another way of looking at it is that you could invest steadily over several years and build a library of evergreen content that you can keep cycling on multiple channels to stay front of mind.
  2. Video is a rich form of media, that means you can pull it apart and use the elements in several different ways. The audio can be transcribed, the video can be converted to stills and longer videos can be re-edited into short social media content. We all know how hungry social media audiences are and repurposing your content in this way gives you multiple assets from one investment.
  3. Good video is seen as a premium marketing strategy. Like Hagen Daz or iPhones. When you market with video you are adding credibility to your brand and telling the world that you’re a company that takes itself seriously.

The Whole Picture


When it comes to choosing the right video company, make sure they’re asking you the right questions. They should be asking you what your objectives and aims are, and advise on what type of content best suits those aims. 

When you hire a professional video company you’re hiring an experienced team that can look after the entire process for you. That’s quite different from hiring a freelancer to work a camera for you. Hiring a freelance camera person is the equivalent of hiring a builder, where as a video company would be the equivalent of hiring an architect, builder, plumber, electrician and interior designer.

Managing Communication


When it comes to making decisions in any process it’s really important to limit the number of voices that are involved. That’s quite obvious when it comes to practical matters, if you’ve ever tried to organise a day out with 10 other people you’ll know how complicated it can get.

The same is probably even more important with any creative process. Good ideas can quickly turn into average ideas when too many people are given influence over them. Abbey Road was written by four people, had it been 40 people the results would have been quite different.

So to avoid this it’s really important to keep communication channels simple and clear. If you can report back with creative drafts to one or two senior team members it gives the project a much higher chance of success. And importantly that efficiency of communication it’s going to help keep it on budget too.

Remember: if you’re hiring a video team to help you, their objectivity and creative experience are why you’re looking outside of your own company to get things done. So it’s important to make use of that.


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