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Our guide to sourcing and working with the right video company




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As a video company one of the first questions we get asked is – how much does a video cost?

Now of course it’s not a simple answer. It’s a bit like asking how much does a car cost? You can pay anything from 1k-100k and everything in between.

So the first thing you might ask in that example is want do you want that car to do? Is it a small car for the school run or do you need to pull a caravan with it? Are you going to drive 30k miles next year on your commute or just go to the shops twice a week?

It’s the same with video, you need to establish the need or the purpose of that video. 

From there you can start to figure out how much you should spend on it. Once you have a ballpark budget then that’s a great place to start a conversation about costs. A good video company can suggest ways of delivering to your set budget or give you comparative prices for more complex briefs. 

It’s important to keep the conversation open at this stage because there are a number of factors that affect budget and whilst some might seem important they might not be necessary in the success of your video.

If you’ve requested 4 interviews in four different locations but your budget is stretched, a good video company will suggest alternatives to align with your budget, like being able to tell the story with two interviews instead of four. 

The budget for any project should be fixed based on the initial agreement, or at least detail any flexible costs. The only time the budget should shift from the initial agreement is if the scope of the work is changed. But most importantly throughout any project the video company should have a dedicated project manager to communicate regularly with the client and let them know that their project is on schedule and on budget.

To understand more about how we cost the projects we deliver, and to see some examples across a range of budgets you can download our sample price guide via the link below this video.



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