One of the best assets an advertiser can utilize is other people’s content.

This is a marked evolution from traditional advertising where most content was protected by copyright laws.

Now if a brand or influencer publishes organic content on their channel it’s not only fair game but TikTok tools like ‘stitch’ actually encourage it.

Of course, we have to be careful how we use someone else’s content. A tongue in cheek approach is usually the best approach if we’re not fully endorsing the brand.


Riding the Trend Wave


Whilst creativity is important, it’s not always essential. Often social channels will trend ideas where one creator starts and everyone else piles in with their version.

This is a form of online lateral thinking, the same driving force behind memes. The key to a successful one is in the execution rather than the concept.

This is the approach Wightlink Ferries have harnessed with their video spoofing creator Alla Bruletova who had made content for Mercedes.

The original idea was from Tyler Butterworth who made the spoof using military vehicles.

Wightlink marketing employee Fern made the video, and it was posted on Wightlinks TikTok channel.




@wightlinkferry Come jump on a ferry to the Isle of Wight, you know you want to… #boathumour #wightlink #maritime #funnyvideo #ferry #wightlink #ship #humour #boatlife #ferries #asmr @Tyler Butterworth ♬ original sound – Wightlink

The video currently has 1.3 million views and over 100k likes.

The comments section is full of gleeful remarks.

I don’t want a Mercedes, I do however want to go on a Wightlink ferry”

“Wightlink ferry 1-0 Mercedes”

“Genuinely, this makes me want to visit the Isle of Wight for the first time”

Like many successful videos on TikTok the production is simple, shot on a mobile phone with no bells and whistles.

The idea is borrowed and probably the most unique part about it is the presenter’s charisma and the twinkle in her eye.


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