If you have had a professional video made for your business then you will understand the level of investment you have made. And undoubtedly you got a good return on this investment – but was it as good as it could have been?

You should be repurposing your video in multiple ways, and making it work harder for you.

One of the biggest things that you hear from people when you’re in my position and you run a video company is “oh, video is really expensive”. And they’re right. But the reason video is expensive is because it takes a long time to make. And the reason it takes a long time to make is because there are at least three different stages in making a video.

There’s the editing and the filming as we all know, but the other stage which people forget about a lot and is equally, if not more important, is the planning stage. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that the research process is valuable in itself, and it can be reused in lots of different ways. As can some of the media that you create when you create a video.

Repurpose Video Content

Here we look at six different ways that you can repurpose your video content into other types of media to get maximum reach and maximum return on investment.

To give this a little bit of context, it’s really important to remember that people consume information and media in lots of different ways across lots of different channels. What makes it even more tricky is that all of those sites require different things. An image might work better on Twitter, video might be more effective on Linkedin, something else might get the best engagement on Facebook, so you’ve got to think about all of those different social channels and see where your video (or elements of your video) might work hardest.

It may feel that you’re flooding the internet with all this information that’s repeating over and over again, and boring people…you’re actually not. Here’s why:

  1. You change the format each time. One is the video, one is an image with strapline or quote, one may be a blog post from a transcription.
  2. Each of those social media channels is only showing a small proportion of your audience each post.
  3. It doesn’t really matter if someone sees the same idea again. Quite often people are in a hurry, they’re not paying attention the first time and if you think about it, when you see a video for a second or third time on social media, you don’t begrudge the person who’s posted it. You just skip over it and onto a next thing.


  1. Transcribe Video

This is where you have each word said in your video turned into text that you can place below your video to give your viewers the option of reading or watching. This raw transcription can then be fine-tuned to create a blog post. You can get a service like Rev.com to transcribe that audio, really cheaply, really quickly. You can use Google voice assistant these days for a pretty good approximation of the same thing. Make sure you don’t just put up the bare text that you’ve transcribed as a big block. You will have to proof read it and correct any typos.

If you plan on turning this into a blog post take the colloquiums out, tidy it up a bit, put some paragraphs and headings in and make sure the punctuation is right. Add some images and a snappy headline and voila – a new blog post.

  1. How to Repurpose Blog Content

Second up, now that we’ve got that text, we can start to look at things like quotes. Pull some meaningful sentences, some of the condensed ideas and turn them into quotes, place that quote over an image and use those as Tweets. Use this avenue on social media to direct your audience back to the original blog post or video on your website.

  1. Podcasts

Ask your video production company for an audio only file of your video, or audio of the interviews (without the music). You can use this in your podcast. And if you don’t have a podcast, you can give it to someone you know who has got a podcast as a ready-made interview without anyone having to leave the room.

  1. Social Media Video

You can create adverts and short clips from a longer video. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to promote your video on social because some of the channels require short format, and also where you know people have got less time or are less patient. You could make a ten second clip or a twenty second short advert and then use that to promote your full video driving traffic to your website. Who is watching you on social? How long do they have? Are they snacking on content, in between meetings or on a coffee break. Time is short. So take a small snip, a few clips out of your video, re-edit, make it shorter, add some text, repurpose it, use it as an advert to drive people to where you want them to be.

  1. Repurpose Video for Branding

If you’ve got some nice visual content in your video you can use that media accross your website. Perhaps it’s great shots of your office, or beautiful scenery in the location where you’re set. The video itself can act as the background of your homepage, or you can pull still images from it that can be used across your site. Moments from the video can be embedded across your site and across your social channels to keep things congruent.

  1. Video Content Ideas

Finally you can use it as a living, breathing FAQ. If the kind of video you’re doing is for content marketing, built to help people, and if you understand what your customers’ needs and struggles are then use your video content across your site to address these issues. How much more engaging is it going to be if a customer goes to a page to find out an answer for something and they see a video where you’re telling them specifically about that thing, rather than have to wade through heaps and heaps of text.

If you work through all of these different ways of repurposing your video it will prove to be a more powerful marketing asset than you had first thought.

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