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Learn how to build trust fast, grow your network and generate enquiries with  video.

With this online course you will learn:


How to generate ideas for content and arrange it into a digestible format so that your audience can easily consume and benefit from your expertise.


How to identify achievable goals and set a direction for your video marketing so that you can stay focused and measure success.



How to identify your audience and understand what they want so that your content is relevant and your message is clear.


How to film and edit your videos to a high standard using cost effective tools so that you look professional and people take you seriously.


How and when to publish your content so that you get maximum reach and results.


How to track the success of your videos and and measure return on investment so you know where to focus your efforts and time.

Minutes of Core Video Training

Practical Exercises

Minutes of Bonus Videos

Learning Modules

David Kilkelly

David Kilkelly

Business Owner & Professional Tutor

David founded video production company BlinkBack in 2014 and has grown it into one of the most successful content creation businesses in the South West working with clients like the National Trust and Greene King breweries.

He has a Top 1% ranking on LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index and generated over 100k views on his personal LinkedIn profile in 2018.

David also has 12 years teaching experience at a top UK University where he wrote numerous courses and helped thousands of people get their heads around complex ideas by translating them into simple language.

This course can been written to help business owners and marketeers quickly master the basic principles of using LinkedIn video to grow their business.



Daniel Vlad

David is fantastic, very clear and the demonstrations are very well done. I look forward to implementing more of his strategies in my app development business. His courses are very professional and easy to follow as well. I highly recommend David’s services and training.

Nancy Thomas Ward

I recommend this course highly for its content, the good solid teaching methodology, the length of the tutorials, this instructors direct practical no waffle delivery, his stance and also the teaching/learning atmosphere he creates on video which i am going to try to emulate. No rockets, bells or whistles. THANK YOU!

Wilko Van Der Ploeg

Just a very interesting course.

Christian Breiholz

Liked the course. Provides a lot of great tips. The instructor certainly has the knowledge.

Patty Phaneuf

I learned so much from this course. David is obviously a skilled instructor and I felt like he covered all of the beginner basics. I’m ready for the advanced version! Looking forward to more courses on this topic.

Vince Audritt

Highly recommended, full of really useful information and very well presented.

Sadaf Ali

I am an amateur videographer and although I had reasonable knowledge in the field, it was quite refreshing to go through this course. The tips and tricks you have shared, and examples you have mentioned are a good revision – very easy to implement the next time a person sets out to plan a video. Loved your content structure and delivery!

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