How a Top Law Company Doubled Revenue with a Video Campaign

HEADLINE RESULTS 150 lead magnet downloads 53,000 campaign video views Doubled website traffic during the campaign Doubled revenue during the campaign

One of the challenges that Law firms face when promoting their services is that the legal sector is often dealing with sensitive or delicate matters. Be it wills, disputes or in this case divorce, it’s never easy to find a way to create marketing that walks the fine line between ethical, engaging and practically achievable.

This case study focuses on how our company helped a leading Law firm create a successful video based campaign to promote their Divorce Management services through digital channels.

Stephens Scown is an Exeter based law firm that demonstrates success in numerous ways.  Not only do they have an award winning marketing team with a number of original campaigns under their belt but they have also ranked 16th in the Times Top 100 companies to work for and won the prestigious title of ‘UK Law Firm of the Year’ at the recent British Legal Awards.


The challenge that they came to us with was how to promote divorce services through a new year video campaign. We discussed several different approaches to this project and had to overcome the following challenges.

  1. No interviews or testimonials could be used from past clients as the subject was sensitive and it was felt that it was inappropriate to approach clients with this request.
  2. Divorce was not something that firm wanted to glamorise or promote.
  3. It was important that Stephen Scown was not seen as a councillor but as a facilitator to the process and one that offered reassurance and stability.

The videos had to be short and suitable for social media whilst illustrating the company’s commitment to the South West region.

The most successful video campaign we’ve ever done
Kerry England

Marketing Executive, Stephens Scown

WHY VIDEO? Video has become the fastest growing form of online media and a unique format when it comes to communicating emotive subjects. Leading social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube are currently all competing for market dominance of online video and this competition has created a myriad of opportunity for the end user. In addition to this the growth of social media and The Information Age has meant that attention spans are becoming smaller and the need for short, carefully crafted visual messages has become increasingly important. Stephens Scown chose video because they wanted a format that communicated emotive subject matter well. They also wanted to use a story driven approach that spoke effectively to potential clients. THE SOLUTION Through a series of meetings and discussions we decided to produce three short films (45 seconds each) that showed three separate characters overcoming a struggle. The characters represented three separate target demographics that could be used in conjunction with different targeting strategies in the accompanying social media campaign. In addition to this we used three different locations across the South West that showed the region that Stephens Scown is proud to operate in and a core part of their brand identity. These locations also provided a strong, visually impressive back drop for the films.
The premise of each film was to show a metaphorical struggle for each of the key subjects, followed by a resolution. The struggle was depicted as a physical challenge such as untangling some kite string or fixing a bike chain. The resolution involved the overcoming of that struggle but also the introduction of additional characters such as friends and children. This development emphasised that whilst divorce might be perceived as a lonely time, it could also be seen as a time to develop within ones self. This positive resolution helped end the film with a feeling of hope and optimism instead of dwelling on possible negative aspects. We worked with Stephens Scown to develop some additional text to overlay the image. This text was written partially in the first person as a kind of internal dialogue which helped drive the narrative forward. It also served the purpose of explaining what the video was about visually without the requirement of sound, an important consideration in social media marketing where you are not in control of the viewer’s immediate environment.


The campaign was launched in the new year and ran throughout January and February. The social media campaign that was run by the Stephens Scown marketing team included a mix of targeted Facebook advertising, YouTube pre-roll ads and Twitter ads.

The videos acted as ‘top of funnel’ content to drive viewers to a downloadable guide on the Stephens Scown website.


  • The guide was downloaded 150 times.
  • In total the videos were viewed over 53,000 times during the campaign, providing Stephens Scown with significant brand exposure.
  • Traffic to the website was doubled during the campaign.
  • Overall revenue compared to the same period the previous year also doubled.
  • The videos we have produced for them have accumulated over 350,000 views since their creation, demonstrating strong shelf life.
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