Explainer videos can help educate or in form your audience and customers. They can help reduce admin time and help prospects in their research phase.

  • Explainer videos can work with both existing customers and new prospects, but the approach to production might be different with each depending on their level of knowledge for your service or product.
  • Everyone uses the Internet to research what they want before purchasing it. Explainer videos help guide your prospects in this process.
  • Explainer videos are well suited to social media as a good one will offer value first and not try to sell. The more valuable the information the more it will be shared among networks.


  • Explainer videos need to be well planned and focused. Explaining something in 15 minutes that could be done in 3 minutes is a guaranteed way to loose your audience fast.
  • Be sure to choose the right person to present your video. A professional actor may deliver well but lose authenticity. Ultimately the expertise sits within the business and if possible that’s where it should be delivered from.
  • Explainer videos need to reflect the standard of your brand. Lots of companies cut corners and self produce on these type of videos but poor results can ultimately be damaging to how you are perceived.

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