Events video production allows you to capture the buzz of your event, build future audiences & grow a library of content that’s great for social media.

  • Harnessing video to capture your event can help build an audience and create excitement for subsequent events. If you require funding or support it can help illustrate what you have already achieved to potential partners
  • Filming conferences and seminars can provide you with a wealth of material that can be used as great social media content. This can keep both you and the event front of mind for several months.
  • Events are moments in time and carry a natural buzz around them. Having video content embellishes that buzz and gives the participants of the event something personal and engaging to share across their networks.


  • Even small events can be complex to shoot. Reaction shots of the audience or multiple angles of the speaker greatly add to the look of your film but will require more than one camera person.
  • Sound and lighting are often set up for a live auditorium and not for video production. An experienced crew will make a site visit and liaise with event AV teams to make sure these vital components aren’t compromised.
  • Events can often have multiple points of interest happening at the same moment. Proper planning is vital to make sure everyone is in the right place with enough time to set up necessary equipment.

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