Drone or UAV video productions allow you to show off  your location, premises and action sequences like never before. The unique perspective that is offered by this technology creates a lasting impression with your audience.

  • Aerial filming gives you huge flexibility. Drones can reach places that normal camera people can’t get to. Their small size means they can also get to places that helicopters can reach, and for a fraction of the price.
  • Drones (or UAV’s) allow you to follow moving objects or view grand vistas. If your location is important to your business then aerial photography is vital.
  • The perspective gives natural drama to any production and videos with aerial photography tend to be shared more widely across the web and on social media.


  • Drone filming comes with risks and is heavily regulated in the UK. Make sure you use fully licensed and insured operators.
  • Because of the regulation some creative approaches are not always feasible. Perhaps you want to fly low over a busy festival site? You can’t. A good drone operator will be able to advise you on the best options for blending both safety and creativity.
  • UAV’s are restricted by certain weather conditions so be sure to build some contingency into your schedule to get the best results.

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