Video campaigns are a powerful way to achieve a specific marketing outcome. Multiple touch points develop familiarity and help move customers to action.

  • Campaigns work well because they repeat your message in different ways across multiple platforms.
  • Used together with social media, campaigns give you a powerful way to build online audiences and target specific prospects that have engaged with your videos.
  • Campaigns allow you to deliver more information as you can split your message up over multiple videos.


  • Be sure to plan your campaign properly and think about where your audience will be and on what social networks.
  • The best campaigns need to be structured to respond to the type of lead you are talking to. A video for a warm lead is different to one for a cold prospect.
  • Always allow some extra money in your social media ad budget to test different audiences. There are numerous combinations of potential audience and response will vary greatly from business to business and campaign to campaign.

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