B2B Video, Really?

When you think of successful video content the most immediate examples that come to mind are often for B2C businesses. However there is a growing demand for video in the B2B marketplace and this upward trend is set to continue.

B2B buyers are doing more research than ever before; still reading white papers, getting peer referrals and following blogs but also, and more importantly, watching videos. Studies have shown that having good video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. 2016 saw the rise of the use of background videos on the landing page, a silent, tasteful and effective way to showcase your business with immediate effect.

Can it deliver?

While B2B marketers still rate email as a critical part of their campaign they are well aware that the past 3 years has seen a dramatic rise in the benefits of having video as a major part of their strategy. The 2015 Tubular insights survey on B2B marketers says “73% of B2B Marketers Say Video Positively Impacts ROI” and “50% are using video content for email marketing”.

B2B video content marketing doesn’t have to be sexy but this digital game changer can improve lead generation, increase brand awareness, and increase online engagement. And remember that regardless of B2B or B2C you are marketing to people, most of whom are active on the internet in their down time as well as business hours. In 2015 Forbes predicted that by 2019 80 percent of all Internet traffic will be to videos. The demand for video in 2016 outstripped the expectations for the year. 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day. According to Facebook 2016 Internal Data. 2017 is projected to be the year where online ad spending surpasses TV ad spending.

When B2B video content marketing works well, it offers a great ROI so it’s easy to see why the budgets for this form of marketing are increasing and the demand for outsourced video services is going up.

Brian Halligan’s (hubspot) advice for Marketers in 2017 is
“Invest in video.
Diversify your content playbook
to include social + video
in addition to text + search”


Hurdles To Overcome

The majority of marketers say that video and featured articles drive the best return on investment yet, despite this overwhelming evidence, there are still obstacles standing between companies and great video. Why?

Metric states the following reasons for why some campaigns fall short of the mark.













While video is championed by marketers they have also stated that it is the most “difficult to create” part of a campaign. The top three reasons are:

  • Budget: Good quality video with great content doesn’t come cheap – but in today’s growing market the cost of producing a great piece is not as high as you might think.
  • Resources: Requiring kit, operation, graphics, music and editing, in house content creation is scuppered when it comes to making video because it just does not have the resources required to do the task at hand. Most companies outsource for video.
  • Content: Content is still King but authenticity is the chessboard Queen counterpart. Authenticity has more power to cut through the noise and 2016 was the year it became the industry buzzword. Creating compelling, authentic content is tricky so it’s easy to see why this is a stumbling point for many companies. However, with the right guidance and support creating compelling content is a hillwalk: not a Munro.


Consider This…

Think about the audience. Is this video useful? Is this something that I would want to watch and share? Remember that B2B allows for a much more in depth analysis of your product or services, if you decide that’s how to run.

Be authentic. Remember, this isn’t a sales pitch. It’s not driven by your brand but something more personal.  Give your customers something that money can’t buy, such as an insider view of your team. This is a great way to build trust and amiability.

Know your limits. If you produce something of poor quality it may well do your brand more harm than good. If in doubt make sure you get the right team on board to help you realise your vision.

Pass the voice. If you can get someone else to talk on your behalf then do it. Someone who can authenticate your position and enhance the telling of your story. This removal of swagger can also add an element of trust.

Step-by-Step Content. There are literally hundreds of buzzwords and phrases you can use to inspire your content. Here are but a few:

Challenging assumptions.

Fresh point of view.


Tear jerker.

Inspire to action.





Need some food for thought?

B2B video content marketing has arrived. Here are a few of our favourite B2B marketing videos.




  • Thunderhead is an award nominee for B2B Campaign of the Year from the Drum 2016 Marketing Awards. We love it because in a short, brilliantly executed video it explains exactly what it is that Thunderhead does. It’s got comedy value and it’s very memorable. (See the comparison from the old branding and the new campaign)
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/6oXABTjoYPc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    • Grasshopper: A company that designs virtual phone systems for businesses. This video cleverly combines comedy with the company’s core message; its light-hearted approach makes people want to share it, thus enabling it to travel much further than the intended target audience.



  • Slack: This award winning video from Slack makes the viewer feel like part of the team. It’s casual, informative and engaging. Building trust while remaining light hearted, and although throughout there is the ever-present element of “you need this product”: it comes with no hard push.


  • Bamboo HR: this video stole the show last year in the B2B marketing awards for having the best Call to Action. Its parody of Jurassic park with the dinosaur connotations is not only genius, but the execution is good enough to make the viewer click to watch the end; thus redirecting you to the Bamboo site. Upon arrival you are welcomed with the conclusion to the film and a free downloadable report, in exchange for your details – of course.

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So, what are you waiting for?  

If there’s a chance that creating a video campaign will increase brand awareness, drive more traffic, generate more leads, increase conversion and positively return on your investment (and all the statistics say that it can) then there’s no time like the present to get on out there and do it.

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