Animation Video can visualize a story in a unique and highly customizable way. Use them to communicate abstract or complex ideas effectively.

  • With digital animation and motion graphics you are able to create a strong visual message that reflects the branding and design style of your company.
  • Animation is often led by a voice over and should be tightly scripted to keep the message focused and the budgets efficient. Planning everything prior to production is vital.
  • Digital animation allows you to creat worlds that don’t exist and illustrate ideas that haven’t yet been executed. It allows you total control over the message you want to deliver.


  • Animation can be a time consuming process, the more changes that are made after the process starts the more costs can spiral.
  • The voice you choose can make a big difference to the final product. Be sure to sample a range of voice types and consider your audience and brand positioning.
  • Don’t try and convey too much information at once, a voice saying one thing with graphics delivering a different message can be overwhelming for the viewer.

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