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 Your Outsourced Video Team

We’ve found that growing marketing agencies and teams often understand the value of video content but don’t have the resources to offer it as a full service.

Video can be a complex process and requires an understanding of marketing, audience and customer journeys, along side a demand for high quality brand aesthetics.

Working with external video companies can help expand your offer but it can become difficult to manage lines of communication and budgets.

It’s also tricky when some video jobs are really simple and might only require a few hours of editing or filming.

That’s why we have put together a range of services specifically for agencies that range from hourly rates of production to white labelled services, to help you offer video as a core service to your clients.

David and the team and BlinkBack are definitely one of the top video production company’s in the south west. 

It’s the way David crafts a story and delivers a key message in a way that draws you in as a viewer. There are plenty of camera people and editors around – but BlinkBack add the magic to make “just another video” into “stand out video that delivers results”.

We’ve worked with David on a variety of our web design and marketing projects, different sectors, all around the UK. Would definitely recommend.

Ben Stirling

MD, Made with Maturity

Check out some of the social media packages we can offer your clients

youtube video production
Location Filming

We’ve filmed in London, Scotland, Europe and extensively across the south west. It might be your offices, a studios, or the top of a moutain, logisitcs is just a challenge that we like to solve.

For interviews and b-roll (including aerial work) we operate a one person team to keep over heads low. 

For shoots that require actors we usually operate a two or three person team.

Filming can be arrange on a daily or half daily basis or for local projects even less.




We can edit the material that we’ve shot for you. But we can also edt the footage that you’ve shot. 

If you have a series of smartphone clips that need tidying up, send them over. 

If you have material shot by another crew and want to re-edit it, let us know, we’re not precious!

Editing is arranged on an hourly or daily basis. It’s hard to say what’s possible within certain time frames but we work faster than average.

With ongoing contracts we usually find a comfortable rate within the first month and can adjust agreements after that.

Social Media Repurposing

Video is great for social because you can reuse it in so many ways.

We can help extract stills, cut down existing content into clips and reformat video into square, vertical and landscape for different social channels.

Here’s an article about that:

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Content


Subtitles and Graphics

We can add graphics over existing content to improve clarity.

We can add English subtitles to content for accessibility or social media.

We can also add translated subtitles into foreign langauges for international audiences, or translate from foreign languages for English speaking viewers.


With the rising demands of social and the ease of access to high quality equipment, it’s temping and reasonable for clients to want to  create their own content.

With 12 years experience in media training we can help your clients become independant content creators with online or bespoke training for video production and editing.


If you or your clients need help with creative, strategic or technical challenges in video then we can help. 

We have a range of custom consultancy services, so if you need to build a video studio, plan a Tik Tok campaign or purchase some equipment then we can help.

We don’t just work with YouTube and TikTok, we can help create content for any social platform.

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