Aerial and drone VIDEO

Lets face it, things look pretty cool from the sky.

Aerial photography, drone video, UAV, whatever you call it there’s no denying it adds a unique quality to your marketing and brand.

Drones are so ubiquitous now that you could buy one on Amazon and start flying it tomorrow. Although when you check the small print from the Civil Aviation Authority you might stop and think twice.

In fact there are lots of things to consider if you want to create some aerial video for your businesses marketing. If you want to dig deeper then read our article The Complete Guide to Hiring a Drone Pilot

At BlinkBack we like to do things the right way. That means that we are CAA license approved UAV operators and that we are fully insured with public liability cover adjustable up to £10m or more if necessary.

But beyond that we take the creative and aesthetic side of our filming very seriously. Great results are not achieved by simply owning a drone. Creating a magical cinematic moment involves a blend of experience, cinematography knowledge, weather, patience and post production skills all working towards the final goal.

 Have a look below for examples of how we do that.

Devon by Air

8 Years of Aerial Exploration

After 8 years of filming commerically across our home county of Devon we realised that we had a sizeable chunk of media that really showed off this beautiful county.

This film is crafted from our back catalogue and takes in some of the amazing locations that we’ve been blessed to capture for our clients projects.

Drone Video with CGI for Development and Property

Another really valuable use of aerial filming is in the property and real estate sectors. It can be used to show off vistas and locations of premium properties, but it can also be used to show developments before they have been built. We’ve all seen CGI mock ups of new build interiors, but did you know that you can create similar content with a drone to show how developments will look upon completion?

Here’s an example from some projects we worked on that do just that. If you work in the property sector and want to know more about creating these  types of eye catching sales assets then get in touch.




Some of the awesome companies we’ve been proud to work with


We were really happy with the video, it was highly polished, cleverly made and captured the essence of Teignbridge.


Emma Pearcy

Teignbridge District Council

“The professional service and drone footage provided by David was exceptional and will have a great impact on our website. I would recommend BlinkBack to anyone who wants a video produced for their business.”  

Andrew Griffiths

General Manager, Hotel Penzance

“Every client has been thrilled! BlinkBack are very easy to work with and very efficient and I can honestly say the videos have helped increase our market share of high end property sales. Thank you to David and the team!”

James Cooper

Fine & Country

 Things to consider before hiring a drone operator.

  • Drone filming comes with risks and is heavily regulated in the UK. Make sure you use fully licensed and insured operators.
  • Because of the regulation some creative approaches are not always feasible. Perhaps you want to fly low over a busy festival site? You can’t. A good drone operator will be able to advise you on the best options for blending both safety and creativity.
  • UAV’s are restricted by certain weather conditions so be sure to build some contingency into your schedule to get the best results.
drone teignmouth


Hiring a Drone Pilot – The Complete Guide

What are the legal and practical aspects to consider when hiring a drone pilot for your marketing project?

We’re available to film across the UK and abroad.

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